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About AlphaRinse

We understand the pressure of a busy and high-powered life and hence provide services on your doorstep. Looking for urgent laundry? We can provide youin 24* hours, in an effort to match your busy schedule and the demands it necessarily entails. From traditional self-service cleaning options to convenient online ordering with pickup and drop-off services, we have got you covered! We do laundr and dry-cleaning of all types of garments and fabrics. We are here to make your life easier - we'll go to your home, condo, apartment, office, your boat to pick up and deliver your articles. eiusmod tempor incididunt.

Our Mission

AlphaRinse is an online on-demand laundry service that aims at providing high quality laundry services coupled with customized experience anexpressdelivery. “We use Latest technology machines and internationally standardized chemicals for quality cleaning. With an added feature of onlineordering and free pick-up and delivery within 24 hours, we expect to reach every household in our vicinity” We provide washing, dry cleaning, steam ironing and other value added services to make your life free of laundry hassles. Our staff consists of experts who have huge experience and knowledge of different types of fabrics and garments and know how to treat them. We ensure that we find a smile on your face with every service that we provide.

Why Choose Us

Today, Many people are hesitant to take their clothes to local Laundromats or dhobis because they fear that optimal carand hygiene may not be maintained and that their clothes may either get discolored, torn or misplaced. Haggling with dhobis over their ever changing prices is another pain. Everyone has a penchant for expensive clothes, with exquisite designs and fabric, that makes them stand apart. Why should you then settle even for the second best when it comes to laundering them?


Eco-friendly environmentally conscious detergent and cleaning that keeps your fabrics soft and new

Personalized Attention to your clothes and you

We use products that revive your clothes and give a new feel to them. Affordable

The amount we charge is equivalent to the cost you bear to get the laundry done at your home.